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Bay View Restaurant
The finest Dining on the East Cape just outside your back door

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Tico's Restaurant

Located at the Hotel Palmas de Cortez serving Breakfast & Lunch
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  • Orta Vez

    The American who originally owned this restaurant died last year, and now the ITALIAN people who ran the Pizza place up on the highway (see Tip) have taken this over. Now their wonderful Pizzas are available here, (and I have heard that since the chef has changed at the one up on the highway, their pizza is not the same quality as before.) Therefore,with the Italian ownership now there is more emphasis on pastas and other fine European fare, as well as a salad bar.

    Just completed at end of 2009 is a new Italian oven/BBQ area outside, which is used for their fabulous thin-crust REAL Italian Pizzas!

    Often they will have musical entertainment, too. Full bar.

    CLAUDIA, the owner, is there every evening to make sure you have a perfect experience!

    The CAPRICCIOSA Pizza; only US$9.00, more tha enough for the 2 of us.

  • Theme: Eclectic/International
  • Price: US$11-20    » Currency Converter
  • Comparison: more expensive than average
  • Address: north end of 20Noviembre
  • Directions: go thru town toward the 'curve', it's on the left

    Tio Pablos


    Outside Garden Seating

    'TIO's' is the anchor of the town, having been the first restaurant here; owned by a long-time American traveller to the area. It is well situated on the corner across the road from the Palmas de Cortez Resort. Paul caters to the Gringos who are missing some regular American food, be it burgers, pizza Am style, or various seafoods; AND he does it just like back home!
    But he also has a full menu of Mexican fare, and that too is delicious!
    There is a separate bar area, TVs in the main restuarant, outside covered seating, and outside garden seating. Also, Fridays are Karaoke Nights!
    This is the meeting place, for many years, of the local ladies who like to play card games or Mah Jong; so on off-hours of the afternoon you can often find a couple tables going.
    Inside is specially decorated with hand painted fun scenes and sagas! Definitely have a look at the WEBSITE Open 365 days a year; with special Thanksgiving and Christmas menus at very reasonable prices.WIFI available too.

    The Prime Rib is wonderful; favorite Mexican dish is the rolled, deep fried taco plate, with guacamole, rice, beans and salad.

  • Address: main street, across from Palmas de Cortez Resort
  • Phone: 624 141 0330  

    Get Your fish Smoked Here

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    Los Barriles Restaurants

    Just opened this year, most seating is outside, with a street view. Combined in same building with the Smokehouse, where you can buy or get your own fish smoked to take back to the States.

    They serve seveal variations of burgers with great fries, very inexpensive.

  • Theme: Local
  • Price: less than US$10    » Currency Converter
  • Comparison: less expensive than average
  • Address: 20 Noviembre, middle of town
  • Directions: on the left, going north, across from the laundromat.

    Caleb's Cafe: Caleb's amazing view